Maduro on Bolivarian Shield 2022: “We have destroyed more than 200 irregular camps”

National President Nicolás Maduro specified that 26 boats, 14 vehicles (car bombs) and 2 submarines have also been seized, the latter detected in the fourth quadrant of Apure state.

The Venezuelan ruler Nicholas Maduromade this Thursday a balance of the Bolivarian Shield Operation 2022, where he reported on the dismantling of at least 200 irregular camps found in the country.

From the command post of the Ministry of Defense, the national president specified that 257 structures have been disabled, of which 202 correspond to camps where homemade explosives and bombs were manufactured; another 32 for logistics and 23 laboratories for drug processing, especially cocaine.

They have also dismantled 46 clandestine airstrips and 295 aircraft, according to figures handled by M/G Domingo Hernández Lárez, Strategic Operational Commander of the FAN (Ceofan), who also detailed different activities carried out against the so-called “armed Colombian drug trafficker terrorists.” (tancol)”.

“We have an intense battle, they must dismantle, all the Tancols serve the Colombian government, they are enemies of Venezuela,” he said. “The Tancols are enemies of Venezuela, they serve the Colombian government, the armed drug trafficking groups.”

Maduro denounced that the alleged “tancol” act as a “spearhead” in a military intervention maneuver in Venezuela, based on direct orders from the House of Nariño, sponsored by the United States.

In this sense, the highest representative of Chavistas asked the National Armed Forces (FAN) to “fine-tune all the capacity” to anticipate events “because there are still conspiracies in Venezuela, I have denounced them in recent weeks,” while emphasizing that the conspiracies to attack the economic process in the country are becoming more evident every day.

“Conspiracies against the oil industry and the refineries, against the electrical service, against peace, security. Conspiracies with criminal gangs to attack police centers and it has happened in some places, ”he confirmed.

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Likewise, the head of the Strategic Operational Command of the Fanb, Domingo Hernández Larez, explained that within Operation Bolivarian Shield 2022, “military operations” have been carried out in Apure, Zulia and Táchira, where 26 boats, 14 vehicles (cars, bombs) and 2 submarines.

What happens in Apure

Since March 2021, the Fanb and Colombian groups have faced each other in a conflict that last year kidnapped, killed and wounded soldiers, in addition to more than five thousand displaced people.

Among the deaths of last year there were 15 soldiers and NGOs denounced a massacre in El Ripial, where four members of the same family were killed. For this fact there are no conclusions of the investigations, despite the complaints against the Special Actions Forces (Faes) of the Bolivarian National Police.

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