Maduro hopes for peace relations with the new president of Colombia

Maduro hopes for peace relations with the new president of Colombia

The president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, assured that he hopes to be able to work under peace relations and cooperation with the new ruler who is elected next June 19 in Colombia.

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Peace and brotherhood is what we want with Colombia, whoever wins the Presidency, we want peace and cooperation with Colombia and we will achieve it“, affirmed the Venezuelan president in a government act.

Maduro, who for months has been advocating “standardization” of the relationships broken during his administration, he also stressed that 6 million Colombians live in Venezuela, a figure questioned by Colombian associations.

The president did not set a position of support for any candidate, but insisted on the “Brotherhoodwith Columbia.

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The neighboring country will have to decide who will be its next president among the leftist Gustavo Petro and the independent millionaire Rodolfo Hernández. Both have expressed their intention to resume relations with Venezuela.

The second round in Colombia will be next June 19.


Relations between Venezuela and Colombia have been complicated for years. In 2015, the Maduro government ordered close the border after denouncing aambush” to the Venezuelan military, which cut off the flow of trade between the two countries that share an extensive land border of about 2,200 kilometers.

Last October, Venezuela announced the “commercial opening“of its border with Colombia in the Tachira State, although the passage remains restricted and hardens according to the tensions between both governments.

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This binational crossing, the most important in the country, was closed in February 2019 after a failed entry of humanitarian aid led by the opposition leader Juan Guaido, whom the government of Iván Duque recognizes as president in charge of Venezuela.

On that occasion, Maduro considered the act as an attempt to “invasion“A foreigner, she broke diplomatic relations with Bogotá for her recognition of Guaidó and even cut off the pedestrian crossing.


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