Maduro goes for the assets seized from corrupt to return them to the people

Maduro goes for the assets seized from corrupt to return them to the people

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, reported that the State’s investigative bodies have to guarantee the country that the resources and assets that have been stolen by the mafias are found in order to be reinvested in the State.

“They have to guarantee it to me, because all those wealth stolen from the people must be found and reinvested so that we can put those resources into social programs for our people,” he declared at the closing of the presentation of the II Expo Feria Nacional de Cría Búfalos 2023 that are deployed in the Simón Bolívar Park, located in La Carlota, Miranda state.

Maduro made an analogy with the event he was presenting, which reflected the work and effort of the country’s agricultural producers hand in hand with the heads of government of some entities, against what happened in the corruption case called PDVSA-Crypto.

“One sees the contrast, between the transparent Venezuela of work, of efforts, that loves, that creates, produces and is capable of assuming the values ​​of solidarity in the face of these mafia groups that entrench, corrode and rot. I am very indignant and filled with rage in the face of corruption, of people who we gave them all the confidence and end up robbing the people in such difficult circumstances, ”he said.

Maduro assured that he has personally directed the investigation of the PDVSA-Crypto case, together with an important group of officials from the National Anti-Corruption Police, from Sebin, from the Attorney General “with patience, with a lot of intuition, patience and depth,” he said.

“When we started this anti-corruption operation, we were certain that we were dealing a blow to the rotten corruption mafias,” he said.

He assured that this blow is just the beginning. “That is just one blow of many more that we are going to give against the entrenched gangs of mafiosi, wherever they are, whatever they dress, whatever political color they have. We are not going to stop against the bad guys, against the corrupt, the bandits. We are filled with indignation, ”she sentenced.

There is no sadness, only more strength for the battle

He commented that some are sad to think of those officials who would never have been thought to be involved in acts of corruption and banditry of such magnitude.

“I don’t have time for this (for sadness). What I am is angry with all these bandits and I am going to act to the greatest depth that I can take as President against those who have robbed a people in truly exceptional, special circumstances, because together with the blockade and the daily sanctions, the persecution of North American imperialism is also added and the corruption of these gangsters does a lot of damage to the country”, he energetically sentenced.

Maduro insisted that the participation in these acts of corruption by senior officials, who had also been given full confidence, did not make him sad, “what gives me is strength, encouragement and energy to get ahead and put an end to them, to not stop in the fight for republican morality and public morality, we must work so that the values ​​of honesty, good administration, and disinterested public service prevail. From a virtuous relationship between the public and private sectors”.

What is good for the turkey…

Maduro stressed the need to punish both “bandit, corrupt” public officials, as well as the other half of those captured, who are “and very powerful” businessmen, he stressed.

“You are going to find out that he ended up living the life of a gangster, cheating, commissions, they thought he was going to be eternal, with formidable ill-gotten riches.”

The president reported that they have barely managed to capture “a part of the wealth that these groups possessed.

“There are mansions where they had terrible orgies. The time will come to tell all this, when we overcome this first phase. When all those involved tell the truth and accept the law and the right to denounce, we will be able to show the multimillion-dollar assets.”

However, Maduro left open the possibility that much more exists than has been seized thus far. “I am certain that this is a part, the thick one is laced up, they hid it,” he said.

To end his reflection, Maduro insisted on the need to rescue values ​​and respect the work of honest people.

“It is a commitment that we have, it is a hard fight, that we are obliged to win between the absolutely honest majority of Venezuela, the worker who gets up to work every day and the corrupt minorities who try to steal the work of others, the work of others. This is the way, I have no doubt. The path of the great future of Venezuela is that of work and honesty and the union of the country and see the homeland reborn and prosper ”, she concluded.

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