Maduro: Biden lies about the number of Venezuelan migration

Maduro: Biden lies about the number of Venezuelan migration

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, denounced this Tuesday that the President of the United States (USA), Joe Bien, lies about Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua. “He Lies about Venezuela, lies about the number of Venezuelan migration and intends to criminalize it.”

During a working day dedicated to showing the Advances of the Bricomiles and balance of the 1×10 System of Good Government, the Head of State demanded that Joe Biden not manipulate the issue of migration from Latin America, much less manipulate with migrants. Venezuelans.

Similarly, Maduro denounced that the US government does not offer a professional, serious, or humane treatment on the subject, since its objective is to criminalize migrations (which date from many years in the world) and political manipulation through lies.

“They only try to use -the issue of migration- to attack a country, in this case, attack Venezuela, attack Cuba and attack Nicaragua,” he said.

Likewise, he reviewed all the actions that the White House administration has carried out to collapse the Bolivarian Homeland, referring that “Venezuela was squeezed, attacked, sanctioned and part of the population made the decision to migrate.”

He stressed that the vast majority who left have returned, are working and are doing better than in other countries. “More than half of the population that migrated between the years 2018-2021 have returned to Venezuela,” she emphasized.

The Bricomiles are here to stay

The Dignitary pointed out this Tuesday that the Community and Military Brigades for Education and Health (Bricomiles) recovered all the areas of the Pedro Vicente Nuñez Educational Unit, located in Santa Teresa del Tuy, Miranda state.

The Bricomiles are advancing “because with the 1×10 System we denounce and at once we act to solve the problems of water, health and education,” said Maduro.

“The Bricomiles are working well, they are a new way of governing that is more advanced than the one we had,” he stressed.

The head of state supervised the rehabilitation work in the library of the institution, the sports field, science laboratories, among other areas.

In this sense, Maduro ordered that in each school and in each high school there must be school agriculture and a school farm.

For his part, Andry Díaz, director of the educational establishment, explained that thanks to a request from the VenApp application, the active forces, the Socialist Commune “Dream of Comandante Chávez”, the People’s Power organization and the BRICOMILES, in a civic-military union recovered the school.

He highlighted the effectiveness of the 1×10 system of the Good Government and the Bricomiles to make this remarkable recovery a reality.

“These spaces were in deplorable conditions, this was abandoned, the facilities were not suitable for teaching classes optimally, thank you president for this effective involvement of the 1×10 of the Good Government,” he said.

“When the students arrive on October 3, they will see the change, they will notice the big difference and they will be very happy, this is a show, a dream come true, thank you very much president,” he emphasized.

The President stressed that in these years of active resistance by the people we have learned to do things with our own effort, with creativity. We learned to do things differently, not to depend on oil income. “We have two great powers: People’s Power and military power.”

He stressed that in this new post-annuitant stage we have shown that the most powerful resource is not money but the collective will, ingenuity, the workforce, management.

“In these 6 years of government we learned with our hands, with creativity, in construction and to do things forward,” he said.

On the other hand, President Maduro ordered the rest to be thrown out to meet the goal of having 100% of the country’s schools open, recovered, and functional.

The Bricomiles work in the “Pedro Vicente Núñez” Educational Unit, located in the Cartanal parish, Miranda. Photo: Presidential Press

President Maduro stated that Las Bricomiles are here to stay based on the well-being and happiness of the people, of Living Living, while urging the construction of a new culture of maintenance.

“We are building a new spirituality that has to do with the sense of belonging, of sharing, of reunion, of feeling that this land belongs to everyone and we all have to give our effort, our work,” he said.

Launch of the National Training Plan Together and Together for the Education of the Future

During the activity, the Mayor of Caracas, Carmen Meléndez, launched the National Training Plan Together and Together for the Education of the Future from the “Argelia Laya Educational Unit”, in the Caricuao parish of the capital city.

They present manual for maintenance of educational centers

The Sectoral Vice President of Political Sovereignty, Security and Peace, G/J Vladímir Padrino López, delivered the Basic Maintenance Manual for the education facilities to the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro.

The General in Chief highlighted that “this wonderful opportunity that the Revolution offers us as a cultural event. This step in the formation of the Military Community Brigades (Bricomiles) is profoundly cultural and is transcending thanks to the civic-military union”, refers the State channel.

“Beyond what you can do physically in this high school or school, to address it, paint it, is the fact that the people are empowered by these spaces,” said the also Minister of People’s Power for Defense.

That is why it presented the Manual, which contains methodological guides to undertake these tasks, the threats of imperialism, popular organization, the integration of the military logistics system with the national logistics system, and the basic concepts of maintenance.

Maduro: Biden lies about the number of Venezuelan migration
Maduro: Biden lies about the number of Venezuelan migration

Last Monday, June 20, the Head of State announced the creation of the Bricomiles, to restore and recover the infrastructure of educational centers and provide medical assistance, framed in the Concrete Action Agenda (ACA).

Organized Popular Power, militants of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), deputies of the National Assembly and the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB), as well as the Communal Councils, the Movimiento Somos Venezuela, the Bolivarian Movement of Families and student organizations, among other instances of the Bolivarian Government.

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