Maduro asks his governors to “give birth” to attend emergencies due to rain

The ruler Nicolás Maduro asked his governors to resort to the method of farrowing to attend to emergencies derived from the rains. He indicated that the precipitations of the last few days have generated important effects in states such as Cojedes, Portuguesa and Barinas.

“In Barinas it rained, in one hour, what would be the corresponding rain for 20 days,” he said during a videoconference with the country’s governors to offer an assessment of the damage caused by the rains.

It was specifically the governor of the state of Táchira, Freddy Bernal, who Maduro asked to “give birth” to resolve emergencies and even go to private companies because “they have to collaborate to support the State and the community.”

President Nicolás Maduro assured that his government will support machinery to dredge rivers and streams. In the case of Táchira, where 101 families were reported to have lost everything, they promised houses through the Housing Mission and through the secondary market.

“It is important because (people) cannot live together, nor accept (the authorities) that there are houses as there were in the past: in a vulnerable situation, on the banks of rivers. We have to figure it out.”

Freddy Bernal and the governor of Cojedes state, Alberto Galíndez, participated in the videoconference. Bernal explained that in Táchira the rains have affected 11 municipalities. He asserted that his administration has acted to deal with the rainfall. He pointed out that there are 67 rain gauges in the entity, which allows early warning and even timely evictions in some areas.

Galíndez, for his part, indicated that the entity (Cojedes) has worked jointly to address risk situations. He asked the ruler for machinery for dredging and maintenance work.

On the other hand, Maduro referred to the meeting he held with the president of Brazil, Luis Inácio Lula Da Silva, regarding the summit of south american presidents that took place in that country.

According to Maduro, both leaders reviewed the entire geopolitical panorama of the world, Latin America and the Caribbean. “It was a multilateral and very satisfying day.” At the same time, he indicated that they established a cooperation map to advance integration.

He explained that they also addressed issues such as the fight against border crime. On this, he announced that Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino López “soon” will travel to Brazil to establish border cooperation plans to the maximum.

He added that they prioritized supporting the economic and productive recovery process, technology transfer for health areas. He stressed that the possibility of a collaboration for the recovery of industries, an energy alliance and the need to increase trade were also put on the table.

«We approached a work route for the defense and recovery of the Amazon. I explained (to Lula Da Silva) the fight of the National Armed Forces (FAN) against illegal mining.”

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