Maduro recognized "wrong policies" to maintain coffee production

Maduro announces the reactivation of classes throughout the country after the passage of the cyclone

President Nicolás Maduro referred to the recent rains that have occurred in the country and indicated that the preventive measures will be maintained “because some tail blows”

The Venezuelan ruler Nicholas Maduroannounced the restart of school activities starting this Thursday, after having been suspended as a preventive measure before the arrival of cyclone “Bonnie”, which would impact the Venezuelan coasts from the night of June 28.

Through a telephone contact with the state television station (VTV), Maduro indicated that after the departure of the potential tropical cyclone DOS from Venezuela “it made no sense to maintain that measure.”

“Children and young people are doing their homework, many are preparing the closing ceremony of the school year, we have to gradually return to normal,” he said.

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In the same way, the president indicated that the natural phenomenon “in the monitoring that we are doing (the tropical cyclone) is coming out of the west, moved away towards the northwestern area and is losing energy, weakening,” to which he added that the Recent rains that have occurred in the national territory “have been light, moderate and everything is under control in the northern coastal area of ​​Venezuela.”

“The rains that can be generated are not from the cyclone and we are monitoring it via satellite through the corresponding organizations (…) We cannot lower our guard, we have been lucky, but it is necessary to continue building culture in the face of natural phenomena” , he stressed.

On the other hand, Maduro indicated that the preventive measures will be maintained “because some backlashes can be generated at the end of this phenomenon.”

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