Machi and ex-conventional Francisca Linconao: “I call on the Mapuche or non-Mapuche people to vote Approve”

From her community in the so-called Wallmapu, in the Araucanía Region, machi Francisca Linconao called on both Mapuche and non-Mapuche people to vote Approve in the plebiscite on September 4.

The words of the ex-conventional for reserved seats were made in the Txawün for the new Constitution that took place in the commune of Padre las Casas, where other ex-conventionals and mayors of the country participated, within the framework of a series of meetings that the command “I approve of Transforming” has been carried out this weekend in the south of the country.

The Machi Francisca Linconao thanked the ex-conventional members and the community present in the place and pointed out the importance of “spreading the approval of the new Constitution on September 4.”

“I call on the people, Mapuche or non-Mapuche, to vote I Approve,” emphasized the Mapuche authority.

Machi and ex-conventional Francisca Linconao: "I call on the Mapuche or non-Mapuche people to vote Approve"

In the same line, the former Mapuche Conventionalist, Victorino Antilef, referred, who said that “we want to express the conviction that there will not be another historical opportunity as it was given now regarding the diverse representation that there was in the Convention to rethink ourselves as a country.”

The mayor of Valparaíso, Jorge Sharp, was also present, stating that “on September 4 we are going to have a tremendously hopeful result with this Constitution that establishes plurinationality and a set of rights for all, regardless of whether we are Mapuche or not. Mapuche”.

The former conventionalist Tania Madriaga added the importance of approving a “plurinational constitution, in addition to the articles on social and indigenous rights and the historical relevance of participating in the plebiscite strengthening the Approval, so that our country can advance in a new democratic and fair treatment between all the social sectors, territories and peoples that inhabit Chile”.

For the ex-conventional member for district 10, Manuel Woldarsky, the appointment was a “beautiful experience to dialogue and listen to the hopes of the neighbors of the community. Now we continue the tour of the south of Approve Transformar in which we have understood that the common of people know that this is a real opportunity to improve the country.

Machi and ex-conventional Francisca Linconao: "I call on the Mapuche or non-Mapuche people to vote Approve"

Also present on the occasion were the ex-conventional member for District 9, Alejandra Perez, and the ex-conventional member of the Diaguita People, Eric Chinga; in addition to the mayors of Valparaíso, Jorge Sharp and the mayor of Padre las Casas, Mario González.

The “I Approve Transform” command was made known through a public letter, which you can read here and has held a series of meetings in the south of the country, which continue tomorrow in Cruanilahue and Concepción, and to which the visits made on Saturday to Puerto Montt and Valdivia are added.

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