Luqueño adds a hierarchy reinforcement with Pablo Aguilar

Luqueño adds a hierarchy reinforcement with Pablo Aguilar

Sportivo Luqueño presented its seventh reinforcement and it is about a “beloved son of the house” like Pablo Aguilar, champion with the club in 2007.

“He is an ambassador of the Republic of Luque who left us high for many years in the world. Thank you for returning home and let’s continue building together the dream of a Luqueño who will fight for everyone next year,” said Daniel Rodríguez, president of the club during the presentation.

Denis Caniza, sports manager, affirmed for his part that he is the best defender in Paraguayan soccer and that he is sure of the 35-year-old athlete’s ability.

“I am happy and excited to return home. Sincerely very excited, I have no other word than thanks for the new opportunity. I come to work and do my best. Give my best for the good of the club and go out for the objectives that we have ahead of us”, said the defender with a past in Colón de Santa Fe, San Luis, Tijuana, América and Cruz Azul, these last four Mexican teams.

“It is the pending dream we had. the dream will remain latent until we achieve the goal we have,” she commented.

Aguilar signed a contract for one year. He joins Paul Charpentier, Eduardo Duarte, Joel Jiménez, Jorge Mendoza, Osvaldo Martínez and Rodi Ferreira.

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