Luis Sánchez: “We are not calling a strike or a press conference”

Angel Valdes | May 4, 2023

Professor Luis Sánchez from the Association of Educators from Veragüenses, indicated on Radio Panama that they are waiting for the call from the Minister of Education to continue with the dialogue because they were not called at the meeting that was held recently.

“We are not calling for a strike or calls for a press conference, we are waiting for this dialogue to open with the minister, we were very surprised that she called us to that meeting that took place with some unions, at the table From the dialogue, she promised to keep the channels open and now she omits us and other unions, “said Sánchez.

Regarding this request for a meeting with the minister and to continue the dialogue to avoid forceful measures by the teachers, Sánchez said: “We are going to exhaust all diplomatic resources and hopefully the minister is not making decisions without taking these organizations into account. that it has left out that they are very important in decision-making.

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