Luis Mujica: We have 37 affected families in Lara in recent weeks

Luis Mujica: We have 37 affected families in Lara in recent weeks

The Lara state authorities offered a balance on the work that has been carried out in recent days in the Juarez parish of the Iribarren municipality in connection with the heavy rains that occurred during the week in the town, which left families incommunicado, homeless and houses affected

Luis Mujica, regional director of Civil Protection and Disaster Administration, offered a balance this Monday, October 17, about the work carried out in the Juárez parish, in the Iribarren municipality, regarding the rains registered in the locality.

Mujica recalled that in the early hours of October 9, four streams overflowed in the area, directly affecting the inhabitants of Juárez. “It is important to mention the large amount of water that fell quickly in the same area. There is an estimate between 50 and 70 liters per cubic meter of water that fell in an estimated 3 hours, “he specified.

The Civil Protection authority mentioned that 217 homes were affected in this sector of Iribarren. “They have different types of affectation (…) 109 of them had property losses, which have already been addressed by the Lara state government and the Iribarren municipality mayor’s office,” he commented.

He also made reference to the number of affected families in the Juarez parish, which were 21. However, he stressed that “damaged” is understood as those people who lost everything and who find themselves without a place to shelter.

“It is important to mention that most of these affected people were in high-risk areas, which had been previously visited and warned (…) however, they were attended by the government,” he said.

In another order of ideas, Mujica spoke about the effects that have been registered throughout the Lara state since September 27, when heavy rains were observed in the region: “20 parishes and 101 sectors have been affected throughout the Lara state (… ) while in Lara we have 37 affected families in different municipalities, all of them have already been addressed“added the Civil Protection authority.

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