Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara

Luis Manuel Otero: “In the country that I dream of, the children of Cuba will not have to emigrate”

MIAMI, United States. – This Monday the first statements of Cuban artivist Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara were made known since he was imprisoned on July 11, 2021 for trying to join the protests that spread throughout the island that day.

From the maximum security prison in Guanajay, in a voice message posted on Facebook by art curator Claudia Genlui, Otero Alcántara asked all Cubans not to “lose faith in the triumph of good, truth and freedom.”

“I want to ask you to support free art, my art, wherever it is. Don’t leave me alone, let’s not leave Cuba’s course in the hands of a dictator or in the course of destiny”, he also requested.

Otero Alcántara also specified that his health was “well within limits” and sent his condolences to the relatives of the victims of the Saratoga hotel explosion.

Later, he thanked “all the beings and institutions of light that have been concerned and occupied” for his “prompt freedom and that of all political prisoners, which in turn is part of Cuba’s freedom,” he said.

“Soon it will be a year of the unprecedented and peaceful super mobilization of the Cuban people in search of their freedom. This year I had not said how proud I am to be Cuban and of this people inside and outside the Island. I am sure that freedom will come very soon, very soon”, he pointed out.

Likewise, he said that he was “an artist and a human being struggling to get out of this unjust prison”, but every day “steadier” in his love for free and honest art. “Every day more firm in my love for humanity and for Cuba,” he said.

“In these months the regime has given me exile outside of Cuba as the only way out of prison; otherwise I will be seven years in prison, ”he announced.

He also recalled the years he has lived, like many of his friends, under “inhumane persecution and repression by the Cuban regime.”

“Today I dream that all Cubans in the world of any political color gather at the Malecon wall to provide today’s Cuba with the solution of the dictatorship, without persecution or mistreatment, or prison for any Cuban who thinks differently,” he said. .

“In the country that I dream of, the children of Cuba will not have to emigrate and will be able to feel fulfilled on the Island or return whenever they wish (…). I dream that the Cuban is not the enemy of the Cuban himself”, he also said.

Otero Alcántara’s statements were made public this Monday, just as the regime ad the date of the trials against the leader of the San Isidro Movement (MSI) and the rapper Maykel Castillo Pérez (Maykel Osorbo), also in prison. Both artivists will be tried on May 30 and 31, according to reported on Facebook the activist curator Anamely Ramos González.

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