Luis Enrique: "It's a pity that Messi and Maradona have not been Spanish"

Luis Enrique: "It’s a pity that Messi and Maradona have not been Spanish"

Photo: Fernando Gens, special envoy.

The Spain coach Luis Enriqueregretted this Sunday that the rosarino crack Lionel Messi Y Diego Maradona “They have not been Spanish”, regarding the query that was made to him on Twitch to choose his favorite.

“Why does an Argentinian or a football fan like me have to choose between Messi and Maradona? La Pulga is God and Pelusa was God, in soccer terms. How fortunate that they were Argentines, if you are Argentines. Too bad they weren’t Spanish“, said Luis Enrique, the first streamer coach in the history of the World Cups.

The former coach of Barcelona in Spain, who led Messi between 2014 and 2017, also observed that “there is a tendency” among soccer fans to compare teams based on the coaches.

“Whether the Barça of one or the other was better, the Madrid of one or the other, or the selection of one with that of the other. They are different situations, different teams, different years,” said Luis Enrique.

Finally, he left one more sentence about Argentine idols: “There is nothing wrong with comparing, but The Fluff era was incredible, it made us all enjoy football, at a time when a player could win a World Cup almost alone. And at this time that is more difficult and Messi is number one in the history of football, without a doubt.”

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