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Luis Arevalo; “Work for security and employment”

Luís Arévalo is a candidate for deputy for Central for the Colorado Party (ANR), a “Republican Fervor” movement whose leader is Andrés Gubetich, former head of the Social Security Institute (IPS).

Arévalo is currently deputy secretary of Abdo Benítez. He has been in office for four years but he has been working closely with the current national president for 20 years. His list is 21, option 1.

How is your candidacy going?

I accompany Arnoldo Wiens and Abdo Benítez in their respective candidacies. I have several meetings in the Central Department. In San Lorenzo, Capiatá, route 1 and route 2. Interview with the candidate for governor Luis Fernando González. We also have meetings in Limpio, Capiatá, Roque Alonso and other cities.

What distinguishes the “Republican Fervor” movement from others?

The candidates always make proposals and many times they do not fulfill them. Either they comply halfway, or they do other things. The candidates propose things but when they get to the deputation or senatorship they forget about their electorate. They even stop serving people, so you have to ask for audiences to be able to talk to them. We are going to work not only during electoral times, missing five months for the elections. Citizens don’t like those candidates anymore, they don’t like them, they changed their mentality. We are all going to work together and we are going to help each other. I have faith in God and in our electorate, I feel the warmth of the citizenry.

If you are elected deputy, what will be your priorities?

People ask us for management, things have to be managed, so I knock on doors. The one who arrives must be a manager of the population, in my case in the central department and also. represent the entire national territory. One has to look far. Today the need has no color. I will come with faith but I will not look to which party the people belong to help. Hunger has no color. Many are stripped of their sources of employment. I urge those who have the pen not to leave people who are not part of their movement or party on the street because it is very bad.

What do you think of Justice?

Nowadays, unfortunately, justice has its price, it is directed. Defenseless people have no justice, it was always like that. I want to show that things should not be done wrong because sooner or later the electorate ends up taking its toll. Now atypical and personal elections are coming. Elections became nominal. People are not stupid, they will take the money and go to vote for the people they believe will do good for their country.

What are the needs that you hear the most on your tours?

The need is security and work. These two things ask, find a way to do it, be it through a company. People ask for their relatives. There are many professionals who do not have a way to get to their places of work. Another problem is security. For example, Police Station 16 in Asunción has several patrol cars that are close to educational institutions. That gives a sense of security, strengthen the number of patrol cars and motorcycles. From now on I am starting with that and looking at other systems such as electronics to illuminate the squares. These are very important details for the safety of citizens. They are only procedures that must be carried out. The authorities are not able to talk to their friends to serve the citizenry. I am working in that sector, we want to address the problem of safety and work.

What experience allows you to work together with Mario Abdo Benítez?

He left me an example, that’s why I’m making these efforts in the campaign. He did many road works and road improvements, international bridges, hospitals in different parts of the country, just to name a few advances. Served insolvent people. For me it is an example. His opponents say many things about him but he is normal in politics. The facts are visible, in the documents, the reality is visible. For example the bi-oceanic bridge. The good must be said.


Full name: Luis Andres Arevalo Cuellar

Place of birth: Itacurubi del Rosario (San Pedro)

Date of birth: August 25, 1973 (49 years old)

University studies: Ibero-American University, Faculty of Law. Master at the Institute of Advanced Strategic Studies (IAEE).

Family: Married to Carmen Medina, the couple’s children are; Mario Alfredo Arevalo, Luis Alexander Arevalo and Alice Nicole Arevalo. Other children of his are Matías Arévalo, Ruth Arévalo, Ronaldo Oest and Luís Oest.

Positions held in the public function: Deputy private secretary to the presidency, congressional official. He has been working with Abdo Benítez for 20 years.

Hobbies: Watching Netflix movies or listening to Paraguayan music in her spare time, also dancing with her daughter Alice Nicole.

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