Luis Arce denounces that they are trying to "dismember" the national territory to "satisfy the interests of lodges"

Luis Arce denounces that they are trying to “dismember” the national territory to “satisfy the interests of lodges”

December 9, 2022, 18:15 PM

December 9, 2022, 18:15 PM

The President of the State, Luis Arce Catacora, denounced this Friday that there is an attempt by people who “They secretly try to dismember” the national territory to satisfy the interests of groups and lodges.

The declarations of the president were given the morning of this day during the closing ceremony of the Military School of Sergeants “Sgt. Maximiliano Paredes Tejerina”, in the municipality of Tarata, Cochabamba.

“Together with the people, the sergeants of the country, who have passed through these classrooms, must be the example of national unity and an impassable trench for those who they secretly try to dismember our territory to satisfy the interests of groups and lodges”, affirmed the head of state.

On November 26, the president of the Civic Committee, Rómulo Calvo, announced the suspension of the 36-day indefinite strike due to the census once the Law on the census in Deputies was approved. On the outskirts of his home and accompanied by the leaders of the Inter-institutional Committee, the civic leader announced that they would review the relationship between Santa Cruz and the Bolivian state.

“We are more useful to Bolivia if they let us be and if they let us do. People of Santa Cruz, we begin a new era, We are going to scratch the field of our relations with the centralist State without leaving the law”, Calvo stated on the occasion.

At the beginning of his speech, the president referred to the 36-day strike, indicating that the country overcame a conflict “that took four lives”, with several injured and “thousands of compatriots affected in their work and free movement.”

He also made reference to a sentence given by the former Minister of Hydrocarbons, Andrés Soliz Rada, in that Bolivia “He was always under disintegrative forces of his Statewhether these are local elites, from neighboring countries or US imperialism”.

“Andrés Soliz Rada, former Minister of Hydrocarbons, used to say that Bolivia has always been under the disintegrative forces of its State, be they local elites, neighboring countries or US imperialism and, as happened with the Acre, Pacific or Chaco war, we can relate these episodes of risk to the integrity of the State with the appearance of a natural resource that usually acts as a pretext for Bolivia’s enemies to deal a devious blow to it,” he asserted.

Faced with the complaint of political persecution by the Inter-Institutional Committee, the Head of State responded that: “It is necessary to feel outraged by what happened during the months of October and November (indefinite strike due to the census), because these injustices are as if they were I would have committed them against oneself, because it was like that, the Bolivian people were hurt,” he said.

And he concluded by saying that You cannot make “apology for the crime, denouncing persecution political persecution”, when there were denunciations of “acts that caused economic losses, pain and death.

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