Luis Arce assures that the “cruceña right” was defeated in November 2022

Luis Arce assures that the "cruceña right" was defeated in November 2022

June 3, 2023, 10:58 PM

June 3, 2023, 10:58 PM

President Luis Arce affirmed this Saturday that the Santa Cruz right was defeated in November 2022, when a 36-day strike was held in this region of the country to demand the population and housing census.

“We lived, just a little while ago here in Santa Cruz, an attempt to destabilize the national government in the hands of the Santa Cruz oligarchy, in the hands of those who have historically controlled the department,” he said initially.

“But it has been the peasant movement, at the head of the departmental federation, of our provinces, of our unions, of our centrals and our sub-centrals, that has been able to put a stop to it and, thanks to you, brothers, we defeated the right cruceña last november”, he added.

The head of state made these statements during his speech at the opening ceremony of the Congress of the Trade Union Federation Union of Peasant Workers of the Valles Cruceños Region, in Moro Moro.

In this sense, he also affirmed that the position of the peasants in the 36-day conflict has been very important because, according to what he said, they ignored the demonstrations.

Well, “today is not the time to be fighting, it is time to build, it is time to produce, today is the time to do works, because the Bolivian people need it that way,” he said.

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