Luis Arce also has his "Guerreros Azules"

Luis Arce also has his "Guerreros Azules"

Jorge Quispe / La Paz

With their left fists raised, wearing caps with the image of former president Evo Morales, some with white shirts and others with blue jackets, they marched yesterday in Oruro and to the refrain of “You’re not alone, fight…damn! at least two hundred pro-government supporters who identified themselves as “Blue Warriors.”

It is unknown who was part of that column of followers that an hour before passing through Civic Avenue, where the official box was installed, trained on a field near the Oruro exterminal their songs and how they should march throughout the tour.

Later, when they were very animated rehearsing even the choruses, they were silenced by the Huanuni miners. “This is not a political march! It’s a workers’ union march!” they yelled at them.

In this regard, the analyst Franco Gamboa indicated: “The truth is that I believe that the gaps and divisions within the MAS party are widening. This shows the strengthening of Arce and the weakening of Evo Morales”.

And when referring to the refrains in favor of Arce, but wearing caps with the face of Morales, Gamboa pointed to the “clientelism” of militants. “They play two cards, they seek to be clients of the official government, but they also do not look bad before Morales’ leadership. They look good with God and with the Devil, ”he pointed out.

During the government of Evo Morales, it was very common for similar groups to march in his defense, even carrying weapons, as was the case with the Red Ponchos. Some of these groups acted in the 2019 conflict in mobilizations in defense of Evo Morales.

And on the virtual plane, the so-called “digital warriors” who had the mission of defending the government of Evo Morales and attacking opponents, dissident social leaders and even independent journalists were very active.

Arce now has his blue warriors, what remains to be known is when and where they will act.

prada sang

With the image of Morales on the caps, the group marched like this.
Photo: Facebook Luis Arce

During the march in Oruro, some ministers accompanied the mobilization.

On one side was the Minister of Labor, Verónica Navia, resisted by the factory workers, but who yesterday joined the Huanuni miners.

The Minister of the Presidency, Marianela Prada, entered with the Trade Union Federation of Mining Workers of Bolivia and the Minister of Health, Jeyson Auza, with the doctors of the Bolivian Medical Confederation related to the Government.

And it is not known if it was because of the austerity that Arce preaches, but minutes before he spoke, a musical group appeared with Prada on vocals.

The first song he sang was “For the people, what is from the people”, by Piero, and when it seemed that the show had ended, the chords of “Los miners will return”, by Savia Nueva, began.

They work standard for labor restitution

The Minister of Justice, Iván Lima, announced in Oruro that the Government is preparing a regulatory update to guarantee the right to reintegration of the labor sector in the country.

“The need to update our labor regulations is being presented to guarantee the right to reinstatement, which has suffered problems in the Constitutional Court. We need to work on a rule that really guarantees the right of workers to have sentences and decisions duly complied with,” Lima told the Patria Nueva network.

The minister, who was yesterday at the Labor Day celebration in Oruro, asserted that this update is expected to guarantee the reinstatement of workers and compliance with labor sentences. He also pointed out that the “principle of equality” will be applied in permits for workers in public and private companies. Lima confirmed that he governs special leave in cases of death of a close relative, marriage and birthday, with 100% remuneration.

The gaps in the MAS party are widening. It shows the strengthening of Luis Arce and weakens Evo Morales

Franco Gamboa, analyst

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