Lugo acknowledges being prevented from being vice president

Fernando Lugo, former president of the Republic (2008 – 2012) and current national senator, confirmed that he was asked to be the vice president of a badge with Esperanza Martínez within the Concertación Frente Guasu, ahead of the upcoming internal opposition elections.

When asked if he thinks he is qualified, he pointed out that article 229 of the National Constitution prevents whoever has held the presidency for 12 months from being vice president in future periods.

Article 229 of the National Constitution on the duration of the mandates establishes the following verbatim; “The President of the Republic and the Vice President will last five non-renewable years in the exercise of their functions, counting from the fifteenth of August following the elections. They can not be reelected in any case. The Vice President may only be elected President for the subsequent period, if he had ceased in office six months before the general elections. Whoever has held the presidency for more than twelve months may not be elected Vice President of the Republic.

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