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Lucio Castro: “Fenatep represents violence”

Lucio Castro: "Fenatep represents violence"

As reported by Peru21 from the beginning, the union of linked to aims to block the start of the school year. secretary of the confirms it.

Who intends to sabotage the start of classes?

We consider that this measure of struggle is adventurous and what it seeks is to further worsen the conflict situation. This sector only has 3,000 affiliates, which is why we call it a marginal sector, it is the result of the construction of Pedro Castillo. Former minister Iber Maraví managed to register him with the Ministry of Labor. We ask why an investigation of the registration of the Fenatep is not carried out, which is a sector that is not representative.

Who is responsible for this?

They respond to a violent sector, we know that Fenatep is an organization generated by Movadef, the political arm of Sendero Luminoso. On this issue there should be a more energetic position from the Ministry of Labor, in safeguarding education. Sutep teachers question the fact that there is neglected infrastructure, a methodology that is not typical of the times, training. We question this and mark the necessary demarcation with those positions that want to generate chaos in the country.

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Why do you think this “marginal sector” still uses the Sutep name?

This is happening in Puno, they feel ashamed to use their real name. They want to take hold of an organization that is at the heart of the workers, the Sutep, they want to have an audience among the teachers, that is why they use the Sutep in an attempt to achieve it and surprise public opinion. We believe that they will fail because Sutep is respectful of the workers and students.

What do you think of the bottom of the measure?

The Sutep is very responsible, we know that the pandemic has generated 10 years of delay in learning and that a measure of this nature will have the student body as the main aggrieved party. We have expressly indicated that classes must start on March 13, that the school year must be guaranteed, but with basic attention, with educational materials, with hired and appointed teachers.

What does Fenatep represent?

Fenatep represents illegality, because of the way it signed up, it represents corruption, its leader Pedro Castillo is in prison. Fenatep represents violence, because to assert their measure of struggle they are threatening the teachers in Puno and Apurímac. The Public Ministry and the Judiciary must give the necessary guarantees to workers so that they can attend their educational institution without problems. We believe that they will continue to fail, because they are marginal and repudiated in the teaching profession.


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