Loyalty Day: the ruling party prepares multiple acts with different profiles

Loyalty Day: the ruling party prepares multiple acts with different profiles

Caravan of 2020 / Photo Sebastián Granata

The Peronist sectors of the Front of All plan the realization of different acts for the October the 17theach with their own imprint and perspective on Loyalty Day, on a day that will mark the positions of each coalition current regarding next year’s presidential elections.

On the agenda appear, for now, three acts confirmed: most of the unions of the CGT will congregate in Obras; the Fresimona (Trade Union Front for the National Model), the Federal Workers’ Current and the CTA will converge on Plaza de Mayo together with the Buenos Aires PJ; and the Evita Movement with other social organizations will hold an open meeting in La Matanza.

Regarding the participation of the head of state, Alberto Fernandezin some of the activities, the spokeswoman Gabriela Cerruti limited herself this week to saying that “the acts are being organized by the Justicialist Party and the CGT” and that “when the panorama is more organized, we will know if the President will attend any of those acts.

Loyalty Day 2020 caravan in pandemic period
Pandemic Loyalty Day 2020 Caravan

Last Thursday, in his usual press conference, Cerruti stressed that on Monday, October 17, “the PJ is going to have different acts in different parts of the country” and that “the President is going to be attentive to all of them”, since it is ” a very important date for Peronism”.

In the history of the national justicialist movementOctober 17 is commemorated as a key date on the calendar -it refers to the day of the year [1945in which Peronism was born as a mass political movement – but its implications and meanings varied according to the different periods.

The commemoration of Loyalty Day was not exempt from internal controversies between different poles and diverse currents of PJ: this opportunity, a few months before the start of the electoral campaign, does not seem to be the exception.

In any case, the FdT tries to maintain good harmony, dialogue and responsible unity without an expiration date.

The FdT tries to maintain good harmony, dialogue and responsible unity without an expiration date

At the end of September, the idea was circulating among the ruling party of convening a great act with a single slogan that would express strong support for the Government and raise a message of unrestricted support for Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner after the assassination attempt on the night of Thursday, September 1.

The intention was to make a “great march” that would bring together all the aspects of the FdT with a million people in Plaza de Mayo and a slogan focused on Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner: it was a way to emulate that October 17, ’45 , a synthesis dreamed of by all leaders.

In this sense, several leaders spoke out to strengthen and give substance to the initiative, such as the co-secretary general of the CGT, Pablo Moyano.

However, as the days passed since the assassination attempt, and much more when October arrived, the relationship between the parties cooled down and whoever bet on that “great march” lost.

In parallel, the FdT small table made up of President Alberto Fernández, Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and Economy Minister Sergio Massa, who knew how to have his maximum coordination at the time with the resignation of the former head of the Treasury Martín Guzmán, went on to have another role.

That coordination, although it was maintained, had less deployment and presence despite the fact that the FdT had shown itself entrenched after the allegations of prosecutors Diego Luciani and Sergio Mola and the request for 12 years in prison for the Vice President, with special perpetual disqualification for hold public office.

In this scenario, the celebrations of next October 17 appeared on the horizon as a date to show unity within the FdT, even despite the nuances.

But that did not happen, and the call also came for several CGT leaders to share a barbecue with the president in Olivos, a meal to which the co-head of the CGT and deputy secretary of Truckers, Pablo Moyano, was not invited.

Meanwhile, the possibility of holding a massive act in the province of Tucumán arose, but the proposal did not end up pleasing the sector closest to the vice president, who interpreted it as an attempt to demobilize and seek to expel some internal sectors from the scene.

In the board of directors of the CGT the climate was not the best: Moyano thought of leaving because he had not been invited to Olivos, although in the end he did not materialize his resignation, while the extended table ruled out the proposal to organize a broad act and to everyone: the idea of ​​putting together their own event at the Obras Sanitarias stadium prevailed.

Act in Works

Thus, on October 17, at the club on Libertador Avenue, those who participated in the barbecue in Olivos, the co-secretaries general of the CGTHéctor Daer (Health) and Carlos Acuña (Estacioneros) together with the small table made up of unionists Andrés Rodríguez (UPCN), Gerardo Martínez (Uocra), José Luis Lingeri (Obras Sanitarias), Armando Cavalieri (Commerce), Roberto Fernández ( UTA) and Luis Barrionuevo (Gastronomic), among others.

The covered stadium on Libertador Avenue will feature the traditional Justicialist liturgy and will also be the stage to launch the Peronist Trade Union Political Current, with a view to next year’s elections and the aspirations of having more candidates from the trade union branch on the lists of the FdT.

May Plaza

But the act in Obras did not manage to contain everyone: the union front led by Hugo and Pablo Moyano together with the Federal Workers’ Current led by the banker Sergio Palazzo will not go to the stadium on Libertador Avenue; They will go to Plaza de Mayo next to the CTA, where a document with proposals to the Government will be read.

Unlike most of the unions of the CGT’s extended small table, the march to Plaza de Mayo will include groups such as La Cámpora and organizations such as the Darío Santillán Popular Front and Somos Barrios de Pie, and will also have a slogan: “Unity nation for sovereignty with social justice”.

From this scenario it turns out that the 77th anniversary of the birth of Peronism will have several acts and will not come together in a photo of unity.


On October 17, 1945, known as Loyalty Day, there was a massive popular mobilization to rescue the then Army Colonel and Secretary of Labor and Welfare, led by hundreds of thousands of workers from the manufacturing neighborhoods in the south of the city. of Buenos Aires and the Buenos Aires suburbs that filled the Plaza de Mayo with a single request: “we want Perón”.

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