Lower House will dissolve the PDG bench at the end of the year: Deputy Oyarzo describes ex-militants Ahumada and Pino as “dictators”

The Chamber of Deputies and Deputies will dissolve the bench of the People’s Party (PDG) on December 31. This, after a request from a group of deputies of the community, after the head and deputy head of the bench, Yovana Smoked Y Victor Pino, respectively, will resign from the party. The legislator PDG Ruben Oyarzo described them on Tuesday as “dictators”.

According to Patternan official letter signed by the president of the lower house, Vlado Mirosevicjustifying that the dissolution is due to the fact that the PDG “ceased to have a majority in that committee made up of independents.”

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Let us remember that Ahumada, Pino and Deputy Roberto Arroyo resigned from the party on December 13. The legislators pointed to differences with the national directive of the PDG.

Oyarzo describes Ahumada and Pino as “dictators”

“Finally, after several months of abuse by those who acted as true dictators in charge of the PDG bench in the chamber, we have managed to formally dissolve the bench under the current terms as of December 31, 2022,” said the president. Deputy Oyarzo in a video.

“In this way, as a bench of the PDG, we started a new process that allows us in an effective and real way, respecting democratic values, to put the real needs of the people in the first place of our parliamentary action and not the quotas of power that some tried to dispute. for personal purposes,” added the legislator.

“This is a new step for the PDG and for its bench,” he emphasized.

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