Lower House approves commission to investigate possible public responsibilities in the increase in wood theft in Bío Bío and La Araucanía

The Chamber of Deputies and Deputies approved during this day the creation of an investigative commission, whose function will be to clarify possible responsibilities of public bodies in the theft of wood in the Bío Bío and La Araucanía regions.

Given the increase in this crime -which has reached 25,000 trucks with stolen wood, valued at 100 million dollars-, it is intended to investigate institutions such as the Internal Revenue Service (SII), Customs and Carabineros, as well as It will invite the representatives of the divisions in question to testify, as well as the forestry companies.

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It should be noted that the proposal approved unanimously in the room was presented by the deputy and head of the Christian Democracy (DC) caucus, Eric Aedothis after having the support of 63 legislators, according to Radio Bio Bio.

Aedo himself commented -to the same outlet- that the idea of ​​this commission is “to establish what are the actions that the different public services have had in this matter, in addition to being a support to the investigation that the regional prosecutor has carried out, Marcela Cartagena“.

For her part, the deputy of the Independent Democratic Union (UDI) and of the province of Arauco, weisse flowerspecified that the commission will help find those responsible for this type of crime.

commission work

Deputy Aedo maintained that once the commission is constituted, it will begin with the design of the work and who has to be called to testify. The parliamentarian insists that they must attend to testify or participate in the investigation: SII, Customs, Police, PDI, mayors of the area, Mapuche organizations, medium-sized entrepreneurs and foresters.

In turn, the Christian Democrat intends that this work instance emphasize that this type of crime has no correlation with the Mapuche conflict and territorial claims, but is based on an illegal activity with the participation of criminal organizations.

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