'Low execution of public works impacted infrastructure GDP'

‘Low execution of public works impacted infrastructure GDP’

The Colombian Chamber of Infrastructure (CCI) was concerned about the decrease in infrastructure GDP, which fell 4.9% in the civil works sector, a figure that contrasts with the encouraging outlook for GDP, which grew 8.5%.

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According to the ICC, this performance has to do with the low rates of execution in public works projects, in charge of Invías and the territorial entities, “which advance at a pachydermic pace, much lower than budgeted.”

According to the ICC, on the Invías side, its budget execution indices, as of May of the current year, show a “languid 13.8%, a worrying figure if one takes into account that the total budget of that entity is no less than $9.8 billion, of which $5.2 are investment (the largest item in the sector for 2022) ”.

The situation is no different in the territorial entities, which are just over a year and a half away from finishing their administrations and their ambitious development plans, full of infrastructure projects, do not match the reality that today shows timid progress on their fronts working.

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The ICC also says that the disturbing GDP figure for the civil works sector is also the result of the absence of leadership from mayors and governors to use the resources of the General System of Royalties (SGR) which has a balance slightly greater than $7.6 billion.

“The two advantages that local authorities have for the use of these resources are, on the one hand, the regulatory framework of the SGR that allows projects to be presented and made viable and, on the other hand, efficient and transparent contracting through the use of the specifications. type”, said Juan Martín Caicedo Ferrer, Executive President of the Colombian Chamber of Infrastructure.

Finally, the union leader made a call for attention in the sense that while the executions related to public works are worrying, on the side of concessions, the panorama, for good, is diametrically opposite.

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“4G shows that projects can be executed successfully: today the fourth generation roads already show a total progress of close to 70%. To date, six 4G roads have completed their construction stage and several concessions have committed to putting another 13 projects into operation and maintenance, a situation that demonstrates the efficiency of the PPP model”Caicedo concluded.


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