Low cost airlines: JetSMART begins its operations in Peru with "decentralized flights"

Low cost airlines: JetSMART begins its operations in Peru with “decentralized flights”

Good news for travel lovers. The airline JetSMART will offer low-cost flights according to the needs of passengers.

The company, part of the airline portfolio of the US fund Indigo Partners, began its domestic flights on June 14.

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The general manager of the airline, Francesca Luna, told CORREO that the planes with which they operate are the Airbus 320Neo, a fleet that “reduces fuel use by 20%.

“We are focused on having low costs, this allows us to offer very cheap rates to travelers and that each one can customize their trip according to what they need”he claimed.

What is offered in a low cost ticket, in order to reduce any extra or unnecessary expenses, only includes the transfer, in a random seat, and the right to carry an average size handbag or backpack. In this context, it is the traveler who chooses the additional products, such as selecting the seat or including additional baggage, on their flight.

“We are known for decentralizing, we want to promote the regions of the country, therefore, we have many flights that do not pass through Lima. We are here to democratize the skies,” added Luna.

On the other hand, in relation to the health protocols due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Airbus 320Neo aircraft have the necessary certifications to be able to operate.

“All our planes have EPA filters that purify the air every three seconds and clean the air by 99.9%. In addition to this, we have deep disinfections every night and every flight change. We also have the certification in biosafety”, commented the official.

The airline has a goal, by the end of 2022, to transfer more than “one million passengers for its first year of operations.”

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