Lourdes Mendoza: "The FGR cannot maintain two narratives in the Lozoya case"

Lourdes Mendoza: "The FGR cannot maintain two narratives in the Lozoya case"

A picture says more…

What was it like taking the photo in Hunan and what happened at that time?
I took the photo of him, I took four photos of him and, at the end, when he yells ‘waiter’, it’s that I tell him: ‘you’re not rooted, you’re wearing a bracelet’, which is (the reason) why he hadn’t shown up at the confessional of my demand. So, immediately afterwards I turned around and left; yes, shaking; yes, very afraid that Doris Beckmann’s bodyguards would arrive to take her cell phone from me. Immediately, I contacted my lawyers… Incredibly, from that anger I had, I went immediately, or almost immediately, to a never-before-seen surprise: when I manage to upload the tweet with the photos… I find out that 4T is coming out on social networks to deny the photo, to say that it was an old photo.

When did you realize the repercussions of the photo?
It wasn’t until the next day, until Sunday, that I realized what was happening, the bomb that Lozoya’s subject had become and the photo and how I was the subject of ridicule. There I began to feel afraid again, but it was a fear that I had in the subconscious: ‘What will happen on Monday? How are they going to present me on Monday morning? Am I going to come out as a delinquent who attacks the child hero? What is going to happen?’ You don’t know what moments of anguish and anxiety, of not being able to sleep, of having trouble breathing because you don’t know what you’re going to face.

Did your photograph reactivate the process against Lozoya?
Yes, without a doubt and not only I can think of it. The Prosecutor’s Office, the Financial Intelligence Unit and Petróleos Mexicanos ask, for the photo, that the precautionary measure be changed and now he remains in justified preventive detention.

What did you think when the authorities took up the case after the photo?
The Monday that the president said “although it was not illegal, it was immoral”, that’s where my soul rested, without a doubt. And there they say that the next hearing will go until November 3 to present evidence. Every time the deadline for delivering evidence is extended, Javier Coello, his first lawyer, clearly said: “He has no evidence, that’s why I stopped being his lawyer.” And after listening to the recordings between the Prosecutor and his father, we understand that he is not and that is why he is in jail, because he does not have a single piece of evidence.

Is it possible that they change the narrative to unlock the process against Lozoya?
The narrative cannot be changed, because (Lozoya) has already made the complaint; With the complaint, you opened investigation folders to (Carlos Alberto) Treviño and Jorge Luis Lavalle… What Emilio Lozoya Austin did, along with his father, was to sell little mirrors to the Prosecutor’s Office, which the Prosecutor’s Office bought for him, as well as the 4T and now they no longer know how to get out of this mess.

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