Lost opportunity

Lost opportunity

Among the central issues of this post-pandemic stage is the health issue.

What we have stopped doing during all this time in terms of infrastructure when we had the resources to carry out a great transformation of the health system as a whole.

We return to the same thing that we had always complained about, the lack of supplies, of medical personnel, of adequate hospital infrastructure, all of this should have been resolved in the two years that we were in the pandemic and where there was an abundance of resources, the whole country he was willing to do whatever it takes to drastically improve what had been abandoned for a long time, and he continues to do so.

We do not have planning capacity, on the one hand vision towards the future, on the other, and commitment to people.

Citizenship is the one that must demand and demand better living conditions; not the way politicians have been accustoming us in democracy, simply saying what is wrong, but being able to transform and change, they have done absolutely nothing.

We need legislators and the Executive committed to a society that is increasingly sick, fundamentally now, of democratic disillusionment.

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The entrance Lost opportunity was first published in The Independent.

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