Lorena Ochoa and Aeromexico in Punta Mita

Lorena Ochoa and Aeromexico in Punta Mita

Tourism with a social and environmental cause. One of the greatest satisfactions of the human being is to help. This is clear to golfer Lorena Ochoa, who from the foundation that bears her name has decided to support education (especially at the primary and secondary levels), “because it is what can change a person and a family, and it is what that will help us to be champions”.

In this task, it is accompanied by various allies, two of them are Aeroméxico and the exclusive destination Punta Mita, in Riviera Nayarit, where from October 12 to 14 the fourteenth golf tournament of the airline will be held, whose identity is the image of an eagle knight.

Just over 100 select guests will participate in the already traditional meeting, including corporate clients and travel agencies that work closely with the airline. Among the 21 sponsoring brands, the tourist ones stand out: Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacífico, Hilton, Hertz, American Express, Mundomex, Marival Resorts and amr Collection.

With the resources raised in the tournament, it is promised to support the work of Lorena Ochoa in the outskirts of Guadalajara in the La Barranca project (a community development center created in 1998 with attention to low-income minors) and that thanks to an alliance with the Fundación Becar has been able to take 10 more entities.

“I feel happy and proud to be able to help all children in different states and we are interested in growing,” said the golfer a few days ago at the presentation of the event.

At his side were: the Executive Vice President of Digital and Customer Experience of Aeroméxico, Andrés Castañeda, and the Director of Marketing and Operations of Punta Mita, Carl Emberson.

The first highlighted that Punta Mita is a preferred destination among its clients and that it will ensure that the air transfers of the guests are part of the Vuela Verde program (which allows a contribution to be made to socio-environmental projects in Mexico, to mitigate the carbon footprint generated by flying).

Subsequently, Carl Emberson (with more than 30 years of tourist experience and who likes to create unforgettable travel experiences) commented to ¡It’s tourism! that participating in the tournament is a pleasure because it involves alliances between friends who have the same goal: to promote a destination and help the community.

With this type of initiative, a question arises: Will we see in the remainder of the federal administration (for the good of the sector) a great sporting event in which all the national airlines participate as sponsors, the largest number of hotel brands, associations of travel agencies, public relations agencies or what is left of Visit Mexico?

Japan opens its borders

After the pandemic, the opening. LLYC (Llorente and Cuenca) reported on September 28 that as of October 11, the Japanese government plans to open its border, extend visas and eliminate the daily arrival limit.

“We celebrate that we will once again be able to welcome foreign visitors who want to get to know Japan. We appreciate the kind patience of tourists who sought to visit our country in this period of pause after the health pandemic”, said the president of the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO), SEINO Satoshi.

The above is highlighted because Aeroméxico wishes to reactivate the route to that country from Mexico City, although if you now search for a flight on its website, you can see that the available dates are from April 2023.

I hope it’s sooner.

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