López Obrador raised an agreement condemning the repression in Peru

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Alonso Urrutia and Nestor Jimenez

Newspaper La Jornada
Wednesday, January 25, 2023, p. 3

In the context of the inauguration of the Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (Celac), President Andrés Manuel López Obrador urged the organization to approve a proposal condemning the imprisonment of deposed President Pedro Castillo and condemning the repression of the Peruvian people . Likewise, to pronounce for a democratic solution to the crisis facing that Andean nation, which implies an electoral process with respect to the decision of society.

Absent from the meeting in Buenos Aires, his approach was made in a video in which he demonstrated his support for the president of Brazil, Luis Inácio Lula da Silva, in the face of the riots in that nation. To reiterate our solidarity with Lula, with the people of Brazil, who freely decided to elect their president. We cannot accept attempts, much less military or technical coups d’état. Freedom and authentic democracy must be respected, it is the people who rule in democracy. Not the oligarchies.

In his message, regarding the Peruvian crisis, he asked Celac jointly sign a communiqué to demand an end to the repression; that dialogue be opened so that it is the people who decide in democracy; that is to say, in clean and free elections on the destiny of Peru. No to authoritarianism, and freedom for Pedro Castillo because he was unjustly imprisoned.

Recorded in the National Palace, in the video López Obrador ratified his vision of promoting the integration of the entire American continent, as he did at the time at the summit of North American leaders before the president of the United States, Joe Biden, and the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. We seek unity, integration, the dream of our liberator, Bolívar, but not only unity, union, closer relations between Latin America and the Caribbean, but throughout the American continent..

Particularly affectionate with Lula, the president of Argentina, Alberto Fernández (Soul friendTold him, You are exceptional), and with Xiomara Castro, from Honduras, in his speech, López Obrador expressed that with some leaders there are ideological and political differences, but they are united by the decision to work for the well-being of the peoples, as with Guillermo Lasso, from Ecuador, and Mario Abdo, from Paraguay.

“We will not forget – he addressed the Paraguayan – that when the airspace was closed in the mission to save the life of Evo (Morales) to bring him to Mexico and all the airspaces were closed, a shameful action by the governments from Bolivia’s neighboring countries, the Mexican Air Force plane was allowed to land in Paraguay to load fuel, that was a sovereign decision that will not be forgotten, so we have to seek unity.”

He announced that (through Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard) Mexico will support the agreements that are promoted. We will second what you agree, we support the Celac resolution, I can tell you in advance, because there is much more that unites us than what can separate us.

In the morning, during his conference, he justified his absence from the summit because he had commitments in Mexico, among others, the supervision tour of the Mayan Train works. His attendance, he explained, would imply him being out of the country from Monday to Wednesday to return on Thursday.

He considered important the decision of the president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, not to go to the conclave, because there was information that the Argentine right was preparing a “Show media” against him.

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