López Obrador blamed "the interests of the elites" for the fall of Castillo

López Obrador blamed "the interests of the elites" for the fall of Castillo

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The president of Mexico, Andrés López Obrador, attributed this Wednesday the departure of his now ex-Peruvian ex-par Pedro Castillo to the “interests of economic and political elites”, whom he also blamed for the “confrontational atmosphere” suffered by the dismissed president since his inauguration, in July 2021.

“We consider it unfortunate that for the interests of the economic and political elites, from the beginning of the legitimate presidency of Pedro Castillo, an environment of confrontation and hostility has been maintained against him, to the point of leading him to make decisions that have served his adversaries to consummate his dismissal with the sui generis precept of ‘moral incapacity'”, Lopez Obrador said.

In a message on his Twitter account, the Mexican president clarified that “non-intervention and self-determination of peoples” is a “fundamental principle” of Mexican foreign policy.

But his pronouncement seemed like a defense of Castillo, one of the few that the now ex-president achieved once he decided to close Congress and install a Government of Emergency and National Reconstruction.

Foreign Minister Ebrard announced the suspension of the summit
Foreign Minister Ebrard announced the suspension of the summit

López Obrador finally expressed his wish that “human rights are respected and there is democratic stability for the benefit of the people” of Peru.

Shortly before, the Mexican Foreign Minister, Marcelo Ebrard, had announced that due to the events unleashed in Lima, the Summit of the Pacific Alliance (Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru), scheduled for December 14 in the Peruvian capital, in the one that Castillo had to assume the protempore presidency.

The full Peruvian Congress brandished the defense of democracy and the Constitution, and, just hours after Castillo’s speech, approved his dismissal with 101 votes in favor.

The former rural teacher was detained a few blocks after leaving Pizarro’s palace and a version of the Caretas site indicates that he was on his way to the Mexican embassy to request political asylum.

“If Pedro Castillo requests asylum from Mexico, we will give it to him, but he has not requested it,” Ebrard said. to the Mexican radio station Radio Fórmula, according to the Europa Press news agency.

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