Loose monkey in Montevideo: Environment will set a trap with food to catch it

Loose monkey in Montevideo: Environment will set a trap with food to catch it

The Ministry of the Environment will seek this Tuesday to capture the loose jumpsuit who was seen in the Mercado Modelo neighborhood. will do it with a trap cage with food as a lure.

The cage arrives from the interior of the country this Tuesdayas reported by Telemundo and confirmed The Observer with the person in charge of the Fauna area of ​​the Ministry of the Environment, Carmen Leizagoyen. Said media stated that it is a marmoset monkey.

The operation represents a certain danger, because the animal can attack when it feels that it is going to be caught. Usually (the monkeys) jump at your headbut that is if it is an animal that is scared,” said Leizagoyen, who confirmed that the cage will be placed in the house of one of the neighbors.

“In a trap cage, food is put inside and the animal, having no food, tries to grab that and when stepping, the door falls“said the Environment official.

Leizagoyen explained that a dart rifle cannot be used due to the size of the animal, which has a height of 20 centimeters. “There’s a very high risk that you’ll get an intestinal or motor perforation,” she said.

The animal was fed for the last time this Monday, so that he maintains the habit of being fed in this house, tomorrow they will try to trap him in a trap cage placed in this home. The Ministry’s plan is to take the animal to the Durazno reserve.

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