Loose electrical cable kills trucker by entangling his car

Loose electrical cable kills trucker by entangling his car

A transporter ended up dying instantly after being electrocuted by a medium voltage cable, which wrapped his vehicle in the Muquiyauyo district, in Jauja. The powerful electric shock instantly ended the life of trucker Robenson Soto Quilca (32), when he was trying to free, with his bare hands, some medium voltage electrical cables that had become entangled in his AAJ-900 license plate vehicle.

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It was recorded last Friday night at the height of km. 82,500 of the Central Highway, Muquiyauyo district. Prior to the misfortune, two trucks and a car collided in a chain, causing the total closure of the road.

In these circumstances, the victim tried to continue his route by diverting onto a nearby trail, where his vehicle was trapped by the electrical power cables that remained hanging.

Despite the first aid provided by some witnesses to the event, unfortunately the carrier no longer had vital signs.

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Police officers from the Sincos Police Station arrived, under the command of PNP Captain Pedro Melgar Torres, who, with the presence of the representatives of the Public Ministry, carried out the procedures to remove the body and place it in the Jauja morgue.

The intervention of the three vehicles that were involved in the traffic accident, the M3Z 822 truck, driven by Añazco Quispe Saturnino (48); the W2X 900 truck, driven by Mauricio Huamán Raymundo and the AJV 601 car driven by De la Cruz Vila Jimmy (34).

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