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Long queues for gas at distributors in Cusco (PHOTOS)

Most of the terrestrial communication routes in They are released, since last Saturday the trucks and buses run almost regularly through the Imperial Region, and the units with products and food reach the markets and distributors.

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However, despite the announcement by domestic gas sellers, who announced that there will be no shortages, dozens of housewives go to different floors to get cylinders with this element.

Thus, in the Saylla district of Cusco, a long line of dozens of buyers can be seen, who, balls in hand, hope to be able to exchange their empty units for full ones.

The day before, Modesto Cajigas, representative of the gas distribution businesses in mentioned that, for the moment, the sale and supply of this product is carried out normally in the Cusco region.

“Everything is normal for the moment, however if the strike continues and the blockades, the shortage could occur again, now the 10-kilo ball ranges between 47 and 53 soles”mentioned Mail.

Long queues for gas at distributors in Cusco (PHOTOS)

Meanwhile, buses and other units continue to leave from Cusco towards Lima, for the participation of local protesters in the so-called ‘March of the four of them’, scheduled for this Thursday, January 19.

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