Lombana: “President Cortizo and Vice President Carrizo have let the country down”

Angel Valdes | June 30, 2023

The Presidential candidate for the Otro Camino Movement, Ricardo Lombana, referred to his proposal to improve the problem of drug shortages in the country that has not been solved for years, he also spoke about the last period of the National Assembly that begins on December 1. July with the election of the new president of this state body and the speech that President Laurentino Cortizo will give to the nation.

Regarding what President Cortizo can say in the speech of this July 1 in the National Assembly, Lombana considers that “The President of the Republic has defrauded and I include the Vice President to an entire country because he moved away from what he promised in the campaign and he moved away from what he swore with his hand in the constitution that has been noticed year after year, month after month and I just wait for a boring speech, a speech that lists budgets assigned here and there but nothing concrete regarding the solutions to the main national problems”.

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