Loft, the property that grows in temporary rentals in Montevideo: how much do they cost and in which neighborhoods are they concentrated?

Loft, the property that grows in temporary rentals in Montevideo: how much do they cost and in which neighborhoods are they concentrated?

Temporary rentals increased loft in Montevideoaccording to the real estate portal InfoCasas.

In Uruguay, it has been growing at a 12% per year the offer of this type of property during the last five years, said the data analyst of that platform, Diego Eizmendi, consulted by The Observer.

Regarding the demand for loftAlthough sales as such have not increased significantly and this percentage stands at 7%, “The highlight is in temporary rentals, with an increase of 16% compared to 2021”Eizmendi added.

In the ecommerce Mercado Libre there are 148 properties of this type available for sale and 75 for rent.

Eizmendi further explained that it is growing interest in large studio unitsboth for personal use in strategic locations and for vacations in prominent spas.

By neighborhood

The neighborhoods of Montevideo where the units of loft are “the most exclusive areas” of the capital: Punta Carretas, Pocitos and the coastal area of ​​Carrasco, expanded Eizmendi. In addition, he highlighted the increase in this type of property in small resorts on the coast of Maldonado and Minas.

According to Free Market, Diving, Ciudad Vieja, Pocitos and Pocitos Nuevos concentrates the largest number of offers of loft From the capital. Parque Batlle, Aguada, Punta Carretas, Carrasco and Malvín also present offers.

A loft It is an apartment that is close to the concept of a studio apartment, of a certain size, generally in a contemporary and industrial style. In addition, they are usually located on high floors and even penthouses, where the entry of natural light and floor-to-ceiling windows prevail. “It is important to mark the difference between this type of property, which in recent years has tended to respond to a certain level, and the studio apartments in other neighborhoods of the city,” explained Eizmendi.

According to the offer available in InfoCasas the footage of these properties averages around 73 square meters and reach maximum limits of 90 square meters in the case of penthouses in Montevideo.

In Mercado Libre, meanwhile, the supply of loft whose footage is equal to or less than 50 total square meters or less represents 22% of the total. Units between 50 and 60 square meters 26%; between 60 and 75 square meters 23.7%. And of more than 75 meters, the offer of loft it reaches 28.2% of the total.

“The units loft They are specially designed for single users and with a maximum of two users per unit”, pointed out Eizmendi.

“We found an attraction from a changing or unstable type of public, which generally has more than one unit and does not target the loft as a single final dwelling”, added the executive.

According to the data from InfoCasas, Purchase prices for this type of property are between US$140,000 and US$150,000.

factory property

The concept of loft in the real estate market was born around 1950 when some industrial neighborhoods of new york, United States, were forgotten by the changes of the times. At that time, the buildings where these factories were located (such as Tribeca or Barrio del Oeste) were used and converted into homes. That’s why he minimalist and industrial style are two characteristic aspects of those properties. Although these factors were later used to generate an imprint typical of this type of property, the truth is that these units stood out for not applying -practically- too many changes and reforms.

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