List 71 celebrated its 30th anniversary

List 71 celebrated its 30th anniversary

From that meeting, the nationalist sector issued a statement that expresses what this anniversary represents for it. “List 71, the natural champion of Herrerismo ideas in Montevideo, faces the second half of this year with a double challenge: to celebrate the first 30 years of militancy and political presence, as well as relaunch a political proposal with an eye toward the future”.

He adds that “a political group, which has established itself as a manifestation of the popular demands of the various sectors of Montevideo society, questions itself, and proposes to its entire leadership to analyze the changes that we have gone through, with the always challenging condition of looking forward. The 71 list was born with the ruling National Party, and reaches its 30th anniversary with a Party that has the responsibility of leading a government coalition; thus completing a cycle, during which the List has honored its commitment to contribute in each electoral contest for the triumph of our ideas”.

“The fact of finding the National Party in government forces List 71 to face a different scenario than the vast majority of electoral instances, where territorial deployment, a hallmark of our group, faces two challenges: the first, the influence of social networks, which require immediate responses, and the second, requires the design of a close political work strategy, listening to concerns and offering responses to the demands of society”, expresses the group.

For the sector, the celebration of 30 years “of militancy and political presence, as well as relaunching a political proposal with an eye on the future, is nothing more than continuing along the path we have traveled during these three decades: being innovative in way of doing politics, projecting ourselves into the future as a more open and representative group, close to the real problems of society, and in particular to those who need it most”. It adds that the youth on the list will have “a fundamental role in this entire process, with the challenge of being, once again, the main option for those who participate in the youth elections to be held in October,” and “with the responsibility of generate an agenda that can be promoted at both party and government levels.” The statement ends by saying that “30 years looking forward has been, is and will be, the attitude with which our List 71 faces challenges and faces responsibilities, with the firm conviction that the development of our society is the result of personal effort, of a collective commitment and of a State that is a facilitator of opportunities and not a generator of obstacles. With the confidence and certainty provided by the experience, hope and energy that renewal demands, we look forward with the certainty that List 71 will be a fundamental pillar in the defense of ideas, party unity and the management of our Party, in pursuit of national growth with freedom and prosperity”.

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