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Lis Cuesta gives away “dictators” on Twitter

MIAMI, United States. – Lis Cuesta, the wife of Cuban ruler Miguel Díaz-Canel, insists on Twitter on calling not only her husband a “dictator”, but also other women’s love partners.

This Tuesday, to congratulate the jurist Liset Mailén Imbert Milan (who is close to Cuesta and Díaz-Canel), the first lady wrote: “I have welcomed you with maternal affection because since your youth the sense of friendship and loyalty you show is admirable. May that come soon dictator of your heartthe one you aspire to and deserve”.


And this Wednesday, in a congratulatory tweet to her husbandwho turns 62 this Wednesday, Cuesta used the label #ElDictadordeMiCorazón.

“Congratulations, my lover yesterday, my lover today and my lover forever. I also whisper it in your ear and yell it at you on Twitter, because together we are much more than two. #VamosConTodo #TeMolestaMiAmor #ElDictadordeMiCorazón”, reads the first lady’s tweet, called corny by numerous users of the social network.

Costs He referred Diaz-Canel as the “dictator of his heart” for the first time on April 10. “The one who is cute is! And, furthermore, inside and out: the dictator of my heart, ”wrote the first lady in reference to her husband.

Lis Cuesta gives away “dictators” on Twitter

Several feminist activists and communicators consulted by CubaNet considered “harmful” the use of the term “dictator” to refer to someone’s love partner.

For Yanelys Núñez Leiva, international coordinator of the San Isidro Movement (MSI), “reproducing expressions of romantic love where the man is master, lord and ‘dictator’ of the body of his female partner only contributes to perpetuating unequal relationships between men and women” .

“It is unfortunate that a public figure like Lis Cuesta (placed on that public stage by a macho regime) exposes these expressions that are so harmful to the struggle of feminists and to all women in general,” concluded Núñez Leiva.

Since joining Twitter on March 31, Lis Cuesta Peraza has become a reference for Castroism on that social network, where she has shared content linked to her duties as an official.

In her biography, the “first lady” presents herself as “Cuban, grandmother, revolutionary, teacher, coordinator of events and culture-tourism of the MINCULT.” It is in this last section where she has been most active in recent years, always at the forefront of the organization of numerous events, among which several culinary fairs and the Havana San Remo Festival.

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