Liquor cocktail and medicines supplied to Gilberto Correa

Liquor cocktail and medicines supplied to Gilberto Correa

Mixtures of liquors with coffee and medicines were supplied to the host of Saturday Sensational Gilberto Correa, according to reports obtained in the justice system.

The Public Ministry has opened a criminal investigation as a result of what was reported by the trusted doctors and lawyers of the television man.

As part of that investigation, Correa was taken last Wednesday to the National Service of Medicine and Forensic Sciences (Senamef) located in Bello Monte.

There they performed a forensic medicine on him to document the alleged poisoning caused by that species of the mixtures of medicines and liquors that the woman who cared for him supposedly supplied him. From that fact, Correa’s relatives hired a nurse who does not leave him in the sun or shade.

Correa suffers from Parkinson’s disease, presumably derived from the impact caused by a family decision related to his finances.

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