Lina Tejeiro responded to those who criticized the video she published to talk about Andy Rivera

Lina Tejeiro responded to those who criticized the video she published to talk about Andy Rivera

In his most recent video of Youtube, Lina Tejeiro He appeared in an interview conducted by his manager Claudia Serrato, in which he uncovered his feelings towards family, close friends and even about his ex-boyfriend.

The video caused a stir and made the actress trend about the comments she made about Andy Rivera, with whom she revealed that until very recently she ended an affective relationship, after in 2018 they made it known that they supposedly would have ended permanently.

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In the video, Tejeiro confirmed that until March he had been in a relationship with the singer, with whom he was in Miami as many speculated, but finally he confirmed that there was a definitive end to his courtship after many attempts.

“I feel immense gratitude for him (Andy Rivera), for what he came to show me, because he was a good teacher. I’m gonna love him for the rest of my life but it is a page that must be turned, that must be released, ”said the famous woman, acknowledging the affection she has for the artist. However, she added: “You can’t row against the current and if it’s not your size, don’t force it.”

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Lina Tejeiro responds to criticism for talking about her ex-boyfriend Andy Rivera

What the actress expressed sparked all kinds of comments and although some people were moved and supported her words, there were also several criticisms she received for having talked about her private life. Given her negative comments, Lina Tejeiro spoke on her social networks and invited her to normalize talking about her ex-partners.

“Those people who have not seen my interview, but assume that talking about an ex with maturity is still excited, what happens to them? Everything is good at home? Normalize us talking about an ex maturely and go to therapy so they can talk about theirs without pain, ”she wrote on his Twitter account.

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