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Lila Alburquerque denounces that her WhatsApp account was hacked

Lila Alburquerque denuncia que su cuenta de WhatsApp fue hackeada

The deputy for the Social Christian Reformist Party (PRSC) Lila Albuquerque denounced this Wednesday that on Friday, December 23, her WhatsApp account was hacked by a computer criminal to ask for money.

The legislator explained that a person with his face covered called her by video call. Right there was her face captured from her.

“Last Friday, December 23, a guy made a video call to me with his face covered. I took the call and I say hello and right there my face was captured. Then they began to write with my own face and with my own mouth so that they deposit money, ”explained the legislator.

He also revealed that he spent his Christmas Eve down after blocking his bank accounts.

Lila Albuquerque offered these statements after being approached by journalists who cover the source of the National Congress.

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