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Lights that moved in a ‘strange’ way and blinked in the sky: mystery for another UFO sighted in Ibagué

According to local reports, during 2021 they managed to sight more than six and in 2022 they would go about three.

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A curious image has become viral during the last hours through social networks, from Ibagué they report that some people have managed to record an unidentified flying object, UFO, with their cell phones.

The images were published by a local media, El Nuevo Día, who indicate that they received the video from a follower.

They specify that the video was recorded in the La Ceiba neighborhood, Comuna Siete of the Tolimense capital.

According to what was reported by the local media, those who managed to capture the episode stated that from a window they could see a striking light that blinked and also moved strangely.

“After 8 o’clock last night, in the sky, there was a light that flickered, it moved slowly to one side, from one moment to the next it went out and we didn’t see it anymore,” they reported.

Also adding that “after a while, it appeared, but this time a little lower and then it went up and began to make a faster movement.”

About the episode in Ibagué there is some mystery, because these types of cases that cannot determine what they are about are becoming frequent.

They assure that during the past year they were able to observe around six and in this one they go between three or four.

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