César Gaviria's criticism of the Government's energy policy

Liberal Party drops from health reform will present its project

The presentation of the project health reform must include the proposals that the parties of the ‘U’ and Conservative they had done to the president, Gustavo Petro. The members of the Liberal Party They participated in the construction of these proposals, but later they dropped out of the initiative because César Gaviria, the natural leader of the community, considers the initiative “unconstitutional” and they will present their own project in the following legislative period.

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In this sense, this Monday a meeting was agreed between César Gaviria and the head of state to see the points that the former president considered eliminating, but Gaviria did not attend the meeting.

As former President Gaviria told El Tiempo, “they backed down what was agreed upon in the technical roundtables.”

As a result of the above, they are going to present their project in the second half of the year, when the second legislative period begins.

This measure leaves the reform without a large number of votes in Congress, which makes the government project falter and runs the risk of being withdrawn, as announced by the Minister of Health and Social Protection, Carolina Corcho.


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