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Liberal candidate regrets electoral theft: “There were 3,500 votes loaded”

Liberal deputy Celso Kennedy does not agree with returning to the closed list system and considered that what is really necessary is that serious and honest leaders be candidates.

After the simultaneous party internships held on Sunday, December 18, In the PLRA, the discussions and denunciations continue about an alleged electoral fraud and also the debate about the open lists, where each candidate must fight for each vote and no longer has a chance to sneak in behind others.

“There are people who talk about returning to the previous system, I disagree, because what has prostituted the political system is the lack of political morality on the part of leaders and voters and that will not be modified by returning to the previous law, That is going to change when we have serious, responsible, honorable, and honest leaders, which is what we need in this country,” Kennedy said in an interview with Universo radio.

He recalled that from the beginning he supported the unlocking of lists, since cWith this mechanism, the voter can choose the one he prefers from a list and it is no longer the leaders who impose order.

“The law did change, what Paraguay needs is for politicians to change too,” said the Liberal deputy.

The claims and complaints of liberal legislators mainly point out that there was a falsification of the popular will.

The request signed by Eduardo Nakayama, Celeste Amarilla and Tadeo Zarrate, addressed to the TEI, requests that the senator elections be declared invalid, if it is verified that the invalid votes reach the 20% established by law.

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