Lía Limón: “The most important thing is that we reach 2024 united and strong"

Lía Limón: “The most important thing is that we reach 2024 united and strong"

What is the main security problem in Álvaro Obregón? Is there coordination with the Secretary of Citizen Security?
Despite the achievement of reducing the incidence of high-impact crimes, there is still a lot to be done in that crime incidence that is not high-impact but the citizen lives it day by day: robbery from passerby, at an ATM.
That is why we started ‘If it is safe, it is safe to Shield’, which is a strategy with which we intend to strengthen security, for example, at ATMs, on the main avenues, on public transport.

“Honestly, we have good coordination with the Secretary of Citizen Security and with the six municipalities that we adjoin.”

Is there coordination with the head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum?
The truth is that in other areas we have not achieved what we have achieved in security, unfortunately. There is a lack of understanding that if things are going well for us, Claudia is doing well.

On the subject of water, Sacmex (Mexico City Water System) is investing 800 million pesos this year in Iztapalapa, in Álvaro Obregón zero pesos and zero cents, when more than 70% of our hydraulic network is old .

Another example: Álvaro Obregón is a municipality with dams, ravines and many slopes. We, in the rainy season, report at least 200 slopes at risk, the city government has not invested a peso, we are investing nine million in 49 slopes. We do not have a coordination that helps, we do not have an investment from the city government, not even in the primary roads that correspond to them.

The political contest towards 2024

Layda Sansores, Governor of Campeche, affirms that there was an alliance between you and Senator Ricardo Monreal to win Álvaro Obregón, is that true?
The only thing I have with him is a respectful and cordial relationship. He is nice to Layda, but he should take responsibility for her and not throw her out to anyone else. Layda lost because she abandoned the neighbors of Álvaro Obregón, Layda lost because there was a brutal absence of government here.
I have drawn up 150 minutes and four criminal complaints that, of course, neither the “carnal prosecutor” nor the comptroller investigate anything because clearly Layda has an agreement with Claudia (Sheinbaum) so that they do not touch her.

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