LGBTI population demands that the Venezuelan State respect their rights in a pride march

LGBTI population demands that the Venezuelan State respect their rights in a pride march

Venezuela remains at a standstill with regard to legislation that supports same-sex marriage and civil unions between people of the same sex, as well as the adoption permit for homosexual couples

Activists and LGBTI people (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex) marched this Sunday, July 3, from the Miranda station to Los Caobos Park, in Caracas, to commemorate Pride Day, which, in Venezuela, is accompanied by demands for government, which has 01 in defense of the rights of this population.

During the walk, which is still ongoing, multiple NGOs, including Accsi (Citizen Action Against AIDS), have called for an end to State homophobia, which perpetuates discrimination against this group and leaves hate crimes unpunished. committed against them and that, for the most part, remain unsolved.

“The community demands equal rights, respect for identity, an end to hate crimes and their rights. For all the human rights of all people,” the human rights defense organization Provea wrote on social media.

Among those attending the activity are eambassadors and representatives of the diplomatic corps of the European Union. Rafael Dochao Moreno, charge d’affaires of Los Veintisiete in Venezuela, is one of them.

Also attending the march was Richell Briceño, an activist from the LGBTI community whom, by the way, the Social Development Commission of the Chavista National Assembly suspended the right to speak in a parliamentary session in which he would speak about the right to identity of trans people in Venezuela, where, for being trans, they suffer rejections in job interviews, in airports, banks, police stations and even in the subway.

«I came to demand that as a racialized and gay person our rights be respected like any other person. We are asking for equal rights. We do not have to discriminate against anyone because of their sexual orientation. We have the right to be free (…) we are not harming anyone, ”said Karim Conde, an attendee at the demonstration, to the medium Cocuyo Effect.

Under the umbrella of the protection of the LGBTI population, Venezuela remains at a standstill in relation to legislation that supports equal marriage and civil unions between people of the same sex, as well as the permission of adoption for homosexual couples. The Human Rights Committee of the United Nations (UN) has recommended that the Venezuelan government adopt measures that guarantee the enjoyment of the rights of the people of the community, as well as their protection.

They have suggested, for example, the enactment of laws on hate crimes based on sexual orientation. However, the Venezuelan State ignores the recommendations, while the murders of people from the community continue to increase and the awareness of this issue within Venezuelan society and public entities that should act as guarantors of their justice, security , health and education remains halfway.

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