“Let’s talk about leadership among women”

The Feliciano Martínez Foundation is preparing a workshop on leadership among women, focused on achieving a space for conversation to train the future leaders of the country. On this occasion, the speakers will be Senator Georgia “Nani” Arrúa (PPQ) and Deputy Rocío Vallejo (PPQ). From the organization they pointed out that men are also invited to be part of the activity.

Legislator Vallejo urged participation, explaining that “many topics will be discussed, such as the types of leadership, campaign, message, speech and others, we want to talk to you about all this.”

On the other hand, Georgia Arrúa pointed out that Paraguay “is always characterized by having women leading social work groups in all areas. What is missing for that leadership to also be felt in the political arena? We look forward to sharing experiences together.”

The talk “let’s talk about leadership among women”, will be held at 6:30 p.m. today, Tuesday, in person at the PC of the Partido Patria Querida, about Sgt. Jose Leon Gauto 428, Asuncion. Interested people will also be able to follow the event virtually.

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