"Let’s start from scratch with the IDB"said Cosse when announcing the sanitation project

The mayor of Montevideo, Carolina Cosse, said this Friday that she will start “from scratch with the IDB (Inter-American Development Bank) back”, and announced a new project for a “environmental sanitation” and one reformulation in the cleaning plan in Montevideo.

“Starting from scratch with the IDB implies that we are going to go to the Ministry of Economy, we are going to develop the projects, we are going to see if we can develop more projects. All this will take us a few months. What matters to us is that the works reach the people as soon as possible (…) Let’s go back,” he said..

On the other hand, he announced tax to large companies. “We are going to send to the (Departmental) Board a project to generate a new entry that they must pay the companies that are large generators of waste”he pointed out, and received a standing ovation from the public present at the Stockolmo Club.

This will allow for “more funds” to contribute to the environment, and “it will be an incentive for companies to generate less waste, and to adhere to circular economy plans, which is what we want,” he said.

On the other hand, he said that in some cases there “a great corporate irresponsibility”. “will be fined according to damage they’re doing to the environment,” Cosse said.

“This project was not a shopping list, it is a new system,” he defended, after the denial of the coalition mayors days ago, to the IDB loan.

According to the new project, the administration will enter the housing cooperatives to collect the waste, and thus gradually remove containers from the streets. “That’s going to have a very visible consequence on the urban cleaningand in the securityCosse said. It will go hand in hand with an improvement in the procedures of the sorting plants, he added.

“The important thing is that the works reach the people,” said the mayor.

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