Lesther Alemán has deteriorated health.  High blood pressure and migraine are affecting him

Lesther Alemán has deteriorated health. High blood pressure and migraine are affecting him

After 10 months of confinement in the cells of the Directorate of Judicial Aid, the political prisoner and student leader Lesther Alemán looks increasingly deteriorated in health and now has blood pressure and migraine problems, denounced his mother, Lesbia Alfaro.

In an interview for the show Tonight, The mother of the young opponent commented that on the last visit she was able to verify that the problem in his leg persists and the authorities refuse to provide him with medical attention.

«They had said that they were going to do some plates, then they told him that they were going to do a tomography to diagnose what Lesther’s problem is and to date (they have not done anything), that was about the fourth visit, and Lesther continues with that problem, “said Alfaro extremely concerned.

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«Lesther is decompensating in three things, the leg, now pressure and the migraine, that the migraine gets worse every day; She says that in the afternoon he vomits, that pain that he can’t stand,” she added.

The parent of the student leader denounced that sometimes the Chipote authorities do not give her the medication that she brings to her son to treat his leg problems.

“I am very concerned about Lesther’s situation, because now there are three things that he suffers from there in that place,” she insisted.

Prison conditions remain precarious

Alemán’s mother pointed out that the food continues to be “terrible” and the constant torture and interrogations persist, not only for Alemán, but also against other prisoners of conscience.

“Lesther is sick” denounces the student leader’s mother. Photo / Courtesy

“Daily are the interrogations for everyone, because I ask when we meet with the other relatives and we agree that the interrogations continue for everyone,” he said.

“They say that they are asking about the municipal (elections), but who is going to want to be involved in that thing? What Lesther tells me: ´Mother, what I want is to have my freedom and find what to do, find how to work´. Why are there those interrogations, if they are already convicted? Then what is the point of continuing to interrogate them? », He questioned.

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The mother of the student leader maintained that the political prisoners continue to be held in solitary confinement, they are not allowed to bring in reading material and during outings to sunbathe not all of them go out, they are taken out in groups of four, but they cannot talk with each other. others. “Besides, if they are praying they are silenced.”

Ask for a house for jail

Given the lack of medical care, Alfaro demanded that Daniel Ortega’s regime change the prison regime and grant him house arrest.

“What I ask for is freedom because everyone is innocent or that they give us a prison sentence and have him in our homes. That they allow us that to see what are the diseases that have caused the confinement, the torture. The regime knows that they are innocent, but because of a whim, because of a hatred they have them there », he claimed.

“Each relative has to speak, we do not have to keep quiet about the situation in which our relative is in that confinement, both they and we suffer,” he added.

On February 10, Lesther Alemán was sentenced to 13 years in prison for allegedly “conspiring to undermine national integrity”. The verdict was handed down by the Second Criminal District Judge for Trials, Nadia Camila Tardencilla.

Alemán, is the 24-year-old who confronted the Sandinista leader at the opening session of the first National Dialogue on May 16, 2018, when the Police and paramilitaries had already murdered more than 60 Nicaraguans who were protesting social security reforms. .

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