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Lermit Rosell: With Rago, extremism at the UCV must disappear

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With the swearing in of Víctor Rago as the new rector of the Central University of Venezuela, things must change, in the opinion of Lermit Rosell, former candidate for academic vice-rector and representative of the National Assembly before the National Council of Universities.

“I think that from a certain point of view the extremism that we saw in the guarimbas of 2014 and 2017 will not be seen again with Rago, and I don’t think so because he is not a fascist or an extremist. We must remember that Víctor Rago did not even support, supposedly, those guarimbas of those years”, explained Rosell.

The representative of the Legislature before the CNU expresses concern about what the UCV should be, “from the point of view of the university we want, we are still set up in a conservative university, in the same university that we have until now that is denied to changes and refused to face the country and that must be changed”.

For Rosell there are two different approaches to this institution, “the one we have been making of the decolonized university that is facing the country’s immediate problems without losing perspective of what university education is in the world, but not responding in the first instance to rankings or agreements with transnational organizations that want the commodification of education,” Lermit Rosell explained as part of what the UCV should be.

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