Leopoldo López denounces that the Sebin occupies his house since the morning of this #22Oct

Leopoldo López expresses support for Guaidó and accuses that from the AN “they tied his hands”

For Leopoldo López, accepting the construction of an interim period in which the parliamentary factions would assume control of the executive power was a mistake. He said that political control led to blackmail and betrayal”assured that Guaidó is not a passing figure

Leopoldo Lopez, coordinator of Voluntad Popular (VP) and who is in exile in Spain, expressed his full support “as a Venezuelan, friend and comrade in struggle” to Juan Guaidó, former president of the National Assembly (AN) in 2015 and the recently extinct interim government.

On the night of this Thursday, January 5, through his Twitter account, López recalled that four years ago Guaidó took on the challenge of leading the country as interim president, “giving life to an AN that was fading, facing the dictatorship, and risking his life and freedom for Venezuela.”

In this sense, the opposition leader who was a political prisoner pointed out that when Guaidó assumed his now battered administration, the country was demobilized and the voice of millions of Venezuelans hungry for freedom was invisible to a large part of the world.

He pointed out that no one believed that the AN would be able to raise the hope of Venezuelans or lead a rebellion against the dictatorship, but Guaidó succeeded.

López stressed, at the same time that «mmany voices at the time alerted Guaidó, and they were right from the National Assembly his hands were tied, and what began as political control quickly turned into blackmail and betrayal.

In that order, López maintained that, As will be demonstrated in the future, “those who accused Guaidó They were really the ones who, from behind, were trying to commit irregularities from the interim government.

For the leader, who said he was aware of the flaws, accepting the construction of an interim period in which the parliamentary factions would assume control of the executive branch was a mistake. “We did it to strengthen a necessary political unity, today we understand it was badly planned,” he said.

He assured that the former president of the AN in 2015 is the thorn in the side of those who are in the business of washing Maduro’s face: “The same ones who are morally defeated and who think that in Venezuela all that remains is to bend so as not to break. I assure all of them: Juan Guaidó is not a passing figure.

He asserted that in Guaidó there was no intention other than to do what was necessary to get out of Maduro; “Despite being the constant target of attacks from all fronts, he never fell into the terrain of disqualification or dirty war.”

In his defense, López argued that Juan Guaidó managed to plant himself in the hearts of Venezuelans inside and outside the country, as well as the recognition of several nations and lead “the largest institutional offensive that has taken place in these 22 years of fighting against the dictatorship”.

In the same way, he attributes to Guaidó, to whom he expressed the gratitude of VP, the construction and preservation of the unit for 4 years.

He also referred to “the protection of billions of dollars from the clutches of the regime”, and the visibility of the complex humanitarian crisis “with a clarity never before achieved and stamped Maduro with the indelible title of dictator on the five continents”. .

López says that Guaidó will continue in the fight

The VP leader also assured that deputy Juan Guaidó does not need a position to fight.

“That is why he will continue in Venezuela despite the persecution, threats to his family, the imprisonment and exile of his team. Juan is in the hearts of millions of Venezuelans, who today applaud his efforts and his courage,” he said.

On Thursday night, after Leopoldo López’s statements, Guaidó announced that on Friday, January 6, he will send a message to the country. He insisted that his fight is not for a charge and said that he follows the order of the Venezuelans.

“Count on Juan Guaidó, the one from the university, the streets, the usual one, to lose fear, overcome resignation and together raise Venezuela,” he said.

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