Leonor Espinosa, the Colombian chosen as the best female chef in the world

Leonor Espinosa, the Colombian chosen as the best female chef in the world

Leonor Espinosa, best female chef in the world.

This Cartagena won the prestigious culinary award.

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‘The World’s Best Restaurant’ awarded the Colombian Leonor Espinosa as the best female chef in the world in this 2022.

International experts on culinary issues chose the Cartagena owner of the Leo Restaurant in Bogotá, which was ranked 46th on the list of the 50 best restaurants on the planet.

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“One of Colombia’s most celebrated culinary figures, Leonor Espinosa, takes home the prestigious title, voted for by experts from around the world. Previously recognized as the Best Female Chef in Latin America in 2017 », she reads in the announcement of the Colombian award.

“Espinosa has become one of the most important personalities in Colombia through his hard and constant work, not only celebrating and promoting local Colombian products and flavors, but also highlighting the value of the country’s biodiversity and social aspects of the gastronomy”, highlighted ‘The World’s Best’.

As a curious fact, the chef did not study cooking but Economics and Fine Arts, although experience speaks for itself, more than 15 years at the helm of the kitchen preparing the best dishes of Colombian and international cuisine.

She taught herself to cook and in 2007 she opened her own business. She then she went climbing.

His inspiration, ancestral techniques and ingredients come from the indigenous culture, which is why together with his daughter Laura Hernández, he created a foundation called Funleo.

On her social networks, Leonor thanked for this new achievement in her career since she won the Basque Culinary World Prize in 2017.

Leonor Espinosa, the Colombian chosen as the best female chef in the world
Publication of Leonor Espinosa.

This award will be received by Cartagena on July 18 in London, England.

Cover photo: @leonorespinosa

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