Leoner Azuaje's family asks for protection after his alleged suicide in police custody

Leoner Azuaje’s family asks for protection after his alleged suicide in police custody

The mother, sister, wife and daughters of Leoner Azuaje feel in “danger” after the death of the former president of the Cartones de Venezuela corporation, although they did not detail why they feel threatened

Rosalía Urrea, mother of Leoner Azuaje Urrea —who supposedly committed suicide after being detained by the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (Sebin) -, asked the president Nicolás Maduro for protection for her and the entire family of the deceased.

In a video posted on social networks, Urrea confessed to being afraid after what happened to her son and also asked for protection for her daughter, Mónica Azuaje, who accompanied her on the recording.

“This video is addressed to President Nicolás Maduro. I am the mother of Leoner Jesús Azuaje Urrea. We ask for protection because we are afraid. The whole family is afraid, “he said in the audiovisual spread by the journalist Eligio Rojas.

Urrea reported that last Friday, April 14, the State security forces searched for his son in his apartment and took him into custody without giving any explanation. His family was kept for at least six days without any information, until his death was reported, supposedly self-inflicted, in the early hours of April 19.

«We went to Sebin and they threw the door in our faces, they never gave us an answer. We went to the Public Ministry and they closed the doors on us. Nobody told us anything about my son, “he denounced.

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Both Urrea and his daughter agreed that Leoner Azuaje was an “impeccable human being”, instead of corrupt, as he is accused of, so it was a “mistake” and they demand justice for their family member.

“I ask for justice because my son was an irreproachable man and thousands of people can verify it, what he did was do good to many people,” he stressed.

Finally, they insisted on the request for protection, not only for both of them, but for the wife and daughters of Leoner Azuaje, who “are in danger”, although they did not specify details of what threat they face.

Due to Azuaje’s death in custody, the prosecutor imposed by the extinct constituent assembly, Tarek William Saab, ordered an investigation to clarify the facts.

On April 20, he appointed national prosecutors 50 and 67 to investigate the death of the detainee inside the Sebin headquarters, known as El Helicoide, in Caracas, where he was detained and in custody.

He also said that the criminal unit of the Public Ministry was instructed to carry out the technical inspection, interviews and the autopsy together with the Cicpc.

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